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Music Image Therapy

Leslie is offering both individual and group sessions in Music Imagery - also known as Guided Imagery in Music or GIM. This therapy involves listening to specific programmes of recorded music in a deeply relaxed state. Imagery is evoked in the form of symbols, associations, body sensations, feelings or memories. These 'images' are shared with the therapist who attends to the process, helping to deepen it and the connections to the music.

Individual Sessions

Leslie runs individual sessions:

Individual listening sessions last approximately an hour and a half. Sessions once every three weeks or once a month are recommended. For more information about this therapy, current fees and how to book an exploratory session please contact Leslie.

Group listening sessions and retreats

These sessions can be tailor-made to the needs of any group and could include listening to short pieces of music in a relaxed state, exploring different ways of listening to music, guided or unguided musical journeys, group discussion and use of other artistic media such as the drawing of mandalas (circle drawings) or journal writing.

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